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2019 PA Governor's Inauguration
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NEW PHOTOS 12/03/2017 Sent in by Tom Banks for Show, "Kinky Boots"
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Shrek 2012                        Memphis 2012                     Westside Story 2012          Beauty Crew 2012

Mary Poppins 2012          Mamma Mia 2012

White Christmas, 2012



Farm Aid


Guadenzia Hosted it's First Rappelling Fundraisor to Benefit Addiction 
Treatment & Recovery Services.  The Fundraisor was Titled 
"Over The Edge Harrisburg - Overcoming Obstacles" 
The following pictures are of Ralph Heckler overcoming his obstacles!

For more info click here - "Over The Edge"

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Union Party held at Lancaster Leiderkranz Park on September 2nd, 2011

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